Mask Ear Savers

Mask Ear Savers

Mask Ear Savers

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Ear Savers to Relieve Pain and Discomfort Around Your ears while wearing your mask!

Relieves Pain - These adjustable strap protectors help eliminate the pain from wearing ear strapped protection for a long period of time. They reduce the pressure from your ears caused by the cord or elastic.

Adjustable to all sizes - Perfectly suitable for any kind of ear hook as you have 3 levels to attach the cord. Fits adults and children!

Sturdy and Reusable - Made of high-quality flexible plastic material that is easily washable for reuse. Soft and anti-slip so it will stay in place on your head for maximum protection without pulling your hair!

Easy to Use - Just attach the ear loop to this plastic extender hoops and you are all set. 

Comes in 4 Colors:

Sky Blue
Steel Grey


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